1.4 Trainings and Workshops

In this section, Project Managers will find information on considerations and resources to use while planning trainings and workshops for mapping and OSM, including:

  • Guidance on training requirements
  • Examples and resources for creating training agendas
  • Considerations for presentations and other provided materials.


Most mapping projects will involve trainings or workshops of some kind, whether training field mappers to use OpenDataKit, training local government stakeholders how to export and use OSM data, or training students in QGIS for creating maps. During the planning stage, project managers and OSM communities should anticipate what trainings are necessary and what resources will be required to run each training or workshop.

Training Requirements

Attendee requirements
Requirements for attendees will vary depending on the scope of the trainings, the intended participants, and the available resources. No matter the scope of the training, it is important to communicate these requirements BEFORE the training so that participants can come prepared.

Some attendee requirements may include:

  • Have a laptop and mouse.
  • Be computer literate with basic computer skills.
  • Have enthusiasm and willingness to collaborate with others.
  • Attendee’s computers should have sufficient free disk space (approx 10GB) and attendees should have administrator rights so that they can install software on their computers.
  • Attendees should have a PDF document viewer installed on their computers.

Workshop venue requirements

  • Wi-Fi Capability
    • If the venue can provide Wi-Fi, confirm with the venue managers that the Wi-Fi has enough capacity for the number of attendees expected to show. For example, if you expect 10-15 people to show up to your event, the Wi-Fi will need to be capable of hosting 15-20 internet connections - remember, you will need to connect as well!
    • If there are no venues with wi-fi capability, consider the option of using a Mi-fi device or other Hotspot options
  • Space, tables, and chairs to provide for your expected attendance.
  • Enough power outlets for charging laptops and other devices.
    • If this is limited, you’ll need to consider power strips and extension cables.
  • Generator/electricity access for duration of workshop.

Creating an Agenda

Training Agenda Examples

Training Agenda Template


After developing the agenda, you will need to determine what presentations are needed for each activity. HOT Training Presentations provided in this Toolbox are available for teams and OSM Communities to use with credit provided to HOT. Navigate through the Toolbox to appropriate sections for presentations needed.

Tools, Software, and Materials to Provide

It is highly recommended that prior to the training/workshop, all necessary installation files are downloaded and loaded onto USB drives for offline installation. Sections throughout this Toolbox introducing tools include links to the installation files you will need.

Additional Resources