8.0 Introduction to Mapping Workflows

In this section, Project Managers will find example workflows from HOT projects on how the processes, tools, and workflows contained in previous sections of this Toolbox have been applied to real field projects. Project Managers can use these example workflows to identify a project similar in scope or goal to their own and identify which tools and processes may be needed for their own project. Each workflow example contains:

  • An overview of the project
  • A step-by-step guide of phases, steps, and tools used
  • Links to various parts of the Toolbox to learn how the step was completed

There are many ways to complete a mapping project. HOT has provided overviews of how we’ve completed projects with the following workflows:

  • 8.1 Buildings and POI with OMK showcases the tools and processes used in a long-term field mapping project to map buildings and points of interest using OpenMapKit with government and local partners.

  • 8.2 POI with ODK + KoboToolbox Server showcases the tools and processes used in a simple field mapping project used by a local NGO to integrate into existing programs using OpenDataKit and KoboToolBox Server.